There are two gents and two ladies Hostels in the campus. The Hostel Rent is 3800/- for one year which will be collected during the time of admission to the hostel. The lodgers will get items like furniture, water for bath etc. Mess is run on contract system and mess charges will be around Rs 720/- per month (for two meals daily). Breakfast and Tea will also be served in the mess and for this extra amount is to be paid. Only vegetarian food is available in the mess. Application forms are available in the Hostel office on payment of Rs 20/- Hostel fees paid re not refundable.


•  Inmates should be present inside in the Hostel before 7.30 p.m.
•  Without the permission of the superintendent of the Hostel no inmate is allowed to go out of Dharwad.
•  No electrical appliances are to be used in the Hostel Room.
•  Boarding in the Hostel Mess is not compulsory Cooking in the rooms is not permitted.
•  Guests are not permitted to say in Hostel Rooms without the permission of the Superintendent.
•  Consuming alcohol, non-veg food & Smoking are strictly prohibited.



The college offers NCC training to the students. Students are advised to enroll themselves for NCC which has been functioning efficiently. Students with NCC Certificate get an extra credit while seeking opportunities for higher education or employment.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) of the College aims at involving the youth in the service of the community. Young men who offer their time, talent and energy to voluntary social work get a feeling of being useful to community. It will train them to fulfill their social responsibility as proud citizens. NSS education through service. The NSS unit of JSS College has a fine record of service for past several. The National Service Scheme (NSS) of the College aims at involving the youth in the service of the community. Young men who offer their time, talent and energy to voluntary social work get a feeling of being useful to community. It will train tem to fulfill their social responsibility as proud citizens. NSS is education through service. The NSS unit of JSS College has a fine record of service for the past several years.



Every Student of the College is a member of the College Union. The Principal and the members of the teaching staff are also members of the union. The objectives of the Union are to provide opportunities to the students to assume important responsibilities and authority in the conduct of extra curricular activities and to enable the students to enjoy the privilege of planning and managing their own affairs through their representatives. The principal of the college will be ex-officio president of the union and two members of the staff, to be nominated by the President will be the vice-presidents, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretaries and other Secretaries will be nominated by the Principal and management committee on the basis of merit as it is stated in the Union & Gymkhana constitution.



Through Physical Education is not included as a subject a still due importance is given to physical activities to help a student maintain healthy body. If they are physically fit they will have a very sound mind and engage themselves in the studies. When they are involved in the sports activities, they are away from all vices. They have many opportunities to travel country wide, meet different people with different feathers and then enrich their general knowledge. I, for one feel that physical education should be made as a compulsory subject from primary level to higher education level.

The department of Physical Education came into being in 1944. The senior most personally in the filed of physical education Sri. K. G. Nadiger (Bhishma Awardee) looked after this Department and maintained it very efficiently. Later on Sri. M. M. Londe, Sri. C. M. Dharwadkar, Sri. S. S. Patil, Sri. Mohan Siddhanti, Sri Parpategar and K. S. Bhimannavar took over the charges of this department.

Sri. J. R. Kundgol has been working as Physical Director since Oct 2007.



Participation in Athletics and Sports : 1000



Infrastructure of sports and games is spread over an area of 3 acres. It includes;

  1. 200 meter standard mud track.
  2. One office room and store room with sufficient area.
  3. Weight training room with necessary equipment.
  4. Volley Ball, Kabbaddi and Kho-Kho courts-1 each;

tar standard

          Basketball court-1,
          Foot Ball field-1,
          Throw Ball Court -1,
          Ball Badminton Court -1
          Cricket Field-1
          Net ball court-1
          Tennikoit Court-1

standard equipment's for all these games.

  1. Indoor 4 Big rooms (each for men & women) with 2 Table-tennis courts, standard equipments for all these games and also for chess and carom.
  2. Standard equipments / for all athletic competitions.
  3. Separate playground is maintained for hostel boys.
  4. Our college is affiliated to different district associations.
  5. Provision is made for coaching the players and athletes for this purpose. The services of qualified coaches from outside are taken to coach our players in different games at different grounds as mentioned below.
    •  R. N. Shetty stadium for Cricket, Hockey and Athletics.
    •  PG Gymkhana Hall for Shuttle badminton, KU Dharwad.
    •  Mallasajjana Vyayama shala for weight lifting and best physique.
    •  SDM Engg. College ground for Cricket and Football.
    •  HDMC swimming pool for swimmers.
    •  Rajadheekshan for Tennis.


          •  Free Boarding and lodging facilities are given to the good Athletes/Players.
          •  Athletes and players selected to participate in intercollegiate match/competition are given T.A and               D.A per head local – Rs. 75/- other place Rs 100/-
          •  They are given attendance credit for the days of the competition and the days of travelling.
          •  The college gives colours to all intercollegiate competitors and shoes, spikes diet allowances.
          •  The college pays medical expenses whenever sports men are injured.
          •  Scholarships are given to outstanding performers.
          •  Outstanding performers are felicitated on the occasion of college day celebrations with memento           as and appreciation letters.
          •  Special library facilities are given to sports persons to help them with their preparation for the           examinations.
          •  Outstanding sportsmen are paid pocket money, tracksuit etc, by the college.
          •  Scholarships are given to sportsmen, who are economically backward from poor aid fund of the           college.


          1. Physical Director and 2. attenders. (Expert coaches are engaged as and when necessary)



          •  Free Boarding and Lodging (Hostel) for deserving sports men.
          •  Free ship for full admission Fee concession.
          •  T.A. and D.A. to the participants.
          •  College uniforms, Shoes, Spikes and Diet allowance for all the participants.
          •  Scholarships are awarded to the outstanding performers.
          •  Medical facilities are given to the injured.
          •  Scholarships are given from the poor Aid Fund to those sports persons for the preparation of their               examinations.
          •  Outstanding sportsmen are paid pocket money, track sait etc.           
          •  Attendance credit is given to the competitors on the days of completion and travelling.
          •  Separate rooms for Indoor games for Boys and Girls.
          •  Independent Basket Ball Court .
          •  Common play ground for Athletics, Volley-Ball, Net ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Ball Badminton, Cricket.
          •  Standard equipment's are provided.
          •  Coaching Camps are conducted.

Linking's with Other Institutions:

Our college is associated with the following institutions for officiating & organizing the sports meet, and also the services of the staff members from various institutions are taken to organize & officiate, Inter Collegiate tournaments. The institutions are as under;

  1. Sports Authority of India , Dharwad.
  2. District Youth Services & Sports, Dharwad.
  3. Sri. K. G. Nadgir College of Physical Education, Dharwad
  4. Karnatak University , Physical Education Department & Sports Department, Dharwad.
  5. Deputy Direction of Public Instructors, Dharwad.
  6. Life Insurance Corporation of India , Dharwad.
  7. All Local Colleges , Dharwad.
  8. S.D.M. Engineering College , Dharwad.
  9. S.D.M. Dental College , Dharwad.
  10. S.D.M. Medical College , Dharwad.
  11. All Sports Association, Dharwad.
  12. University of agriculture Science College , Dharwad.



The College has a beautiful, separate and spacious building for the Library which is easily accessible within 500 feet of the teaching complex. The Library has a large number of books purchased and donated by donors. As the Library is now 42 years old there are several, rare publications also.

          •  The Library has on its shelves 60,000 volumes and it also subscribes to nearly 50 journals in                various fields. A separate and spacious reading room has been provided since 1983, so as to                accommodate nearly 150 students.
          •  The Library is kept open for readers from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. except on Sundays and Public                Holidays.
          •  The reference section is maintained separately and it contains encyclopedias, Dictionaries, History               of Literature volumes etc. There is a separate Text Book Section where Text Books in all subjects               are kept. These are to be read in the library itself. This facility is in addition to the loaning out of Text               Books to students.
          •  The Library has ‘closed access' and the scheme of classification adopted is deway classification.               There are both author wise and title wise catalog cards to guide the readers.
          •  Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time. The book must be returned within 10 days from               the date of issue or on demand.
          •  The Books will be issued to students daily from 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. for Arts and commerce                          Students and from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Science students on the working days.
          •  A fine of 10 paise per day is levied for late return. The same book will be reissued, if there is no              demand from other readers. The students should put demand slips one day earlier for borrowing               the books.
          •  Students should return all the books of the library at least eight days before the end of the second               term or on the date to be notified by the Principal. The books will be reissued after physical       
             verification. The sets of books are issued to SC/ST, economically backward, bright and deserving               students. The Students can retain these books till the end of the second term subjects to the
              conditions mentioned above.
          •  During the time of Final Examination the Library will be kept open to students between 8.00 a.m. to               8.30 p.m. on all working days and on Sundays between 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.