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The Jnata Shikshana Samiti has as its President, His Holiness Shri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejavarmath at present. His Holiness has become a synonym for decicated service to humanity. The Swamiji is a saint and seer combined into one. He spares no pains to help and render his services in rehabilitating people in distress due to various natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, droughts etc. The Swamiji has always been in the forefront in reaching medical aid to the needy.

Shri Pejavarmath Swamiji makes no secret on his continuous efforts for the preservation and propagation of the ancient Indian culture and philosophy. He is renowned for his interest in educational and cultural institutions in the country. The Swamiji has no qualms in dedicating his life to spiritual and social activities. His unflinching devotion position in the Indian Culture and Social milieu.

We are much beholden to the Swamiji for rescuing our samiti when it was in deep financial crisis by persuading the Revered Dr. D. Veernadra Heggade our Chairman to take over the management of the samiti since 1973. The pious swamiji has never swerved from the path of righteousness. Karma and Dharma. May this graet seer who stands apart as a polestar, guide arid lead our nation of milling massas to prosperity for years to come.



It is great Privilege for us to say a few words about our illustrious and revered chairman Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala. Having had a glorious and a memorable past, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala is now a hub of multifarious educational, religious and cultural activities that have been presided over, inspired and guided by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade ever since he assumed office of the Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala, when he was just 20 years old.

As the president of Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational Trust Ujire, Dr Veerendra Heggade runs more than forty educational institutions, which include Arts, Commerce, Law colleges, a college of Business Management, an Engineering college, a Dental college, a Physiotherapy college and to top it all a Medical College at Dharwad. Besides these, he runs a women's college and an M.B.A. College at Mysore , Ayurveda Colleges at Udupi and Hassan and numerous High Schools and Elementry Schools . Dr. Heggade is the architect of mass marriage at Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala. In addition to these, he runs a mobile dispensary for the benefit of the poor. Ha has adopted several villages surrounding Sri Kshetra for poverty eradication and development.

The installation of the Statue of Bhagwan Bahubali at Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala by Dr. Heggade in the year 1982 earned him the great title “Abhinava Chauvandaraya”. In the Silver Jublee year of his pattabhisheka during 1992-93 the title “Rajashri” was conferred upon him. In recognition of his village development programmes and philanthropic activities the title Padma Bhushana was conferred upon by the Govt, of India in March, 2000. Over and above these awards and titles, he secured the FICCI awards twice for his humanitarian and rural development activities.

Dr. Heggade evinces keen interest in the uplift of the weaker and down-trodden sections of the Society. Without mincing words, one has to acknowledge the enormous courage of Dr. Heggade to brave challenges and tide over them successfully by harnessing them to the welfare of humanity. Through his relentless efforts and compassionate nature. Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade has become the cynosure of the people of both Uttar and Dakshina Karnataka. This celebrated Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala, chairman of the S.D.M.E. Society and J.S.S. Samiti Institutions. Has brought in a radical change of the better in the educational atmosphere of this part of Karnataka. This he could and able administration as can be discernible in his Secretary, Prof. N. Vajra Kumar who always goes by the chairman's impeccable guidance and advice from time to time.

In honour of his contribution to Medical Education and Health care in the country, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow (U.K) conferred with Honorary FRCPS title in the year 2005.



Prof. N. Vajra Kumar, formerly the Principal of J.S.S. Arts, Science and Commerce College represents the J.S.S. Institutions in the J.S.S. Samiti governing body as our secretary. In his capacity as secretary, he has been efficiently managing all its affairs ever since the samiti and the various institutions run by it, have been taken over by Dr. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala. This unassuming and indefatigable Prof. N. Vajrakumar is the great man behind the success story of the J.S.S. Samiti, which now runs a dozen educational institutions successfully. With his administrative acumen and foresight and under the guidance of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade he could revive and stimulate a moribund and financially ailing dependant Educational institution that J.S.S. Arts & Science College formerly was, and convert it into a healthy and challenging premier educational institution of the entire North Karnataka region during his long tenure as its principal. Not only did he revive the J.S.S. group of Institutions, as the Secretary of the J.S.S. Samiti and S.D.M.E. Society Dharwad and as a Principal of J.S.S. College he has shown his mettle in the educational sphere.

Prof N. Vajra Kumar is a member of the Malnad Progressive Educational Society, Honnavar an active member of the Navodaya School Committee, Vice Chairman of Bhratiya Vidya Bhavan, Dharwad branch, a member of the programme education committee of A.I.R. Dharwad. Local chairman – RUDSETI (Rural development and self employment Institute) Dharwad and Vice President of All India B.J.M. Delhi. Under his able leadership it is hoped that healthy J.S.S. education institutions will further ramify at a galloping speed to cater to the eeducational needs of the youth of this part of Karnataka.



Various co-curriculum activities for the students will be organized under the direct supervision and guidance of the members of the staff nominated for the purpose every year. The main purpose of these activities is to train the students in the art of co-operation, organization and team work. Every student must find some time to be active in one of these associations at least.

The following are the various associations which are functioning in the college to carry out co-curricular activities.

        •  Karnataka Sangha
        •  Arts Association
        •  Commerce Association
        •  Science Association
        •  Ladies Association
        •  B.B.A. Association
        •  B.C.A. Association
        •  Human Rights Association

There will be one or more staff advisers nominated by the Principal to ach association. Secretary for each association will be nominated by the Principal in consultation with the staff adviser. The Secretary of the association will organize activities which are approved by the staff advisers and principal.