The Jnata Shikshana Samiti has as its President, His Holiness Shri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejavarmath at present. His Holiness has become a synonym for decicated service to humanity. The Swamiji is a saint and seer combined into one. He spares no pains to help and render his services in rehabilitating people in distress due to various natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, droughts etc. The Swamiji has always been in the forefront in reaching medical aid to the needy.

Shri Pejavarmath Swamiji makes no secret on his continuous efforts for the preservation and propagation of the ancient Indian culture and philosophy. He is renowned for his interest in educational and cultural institutions in the country. The Swamiji has no qualms in dedicating his life to spiritual and social activities. His unflinching devotion position in the Indian Culture and Social milieu.

We are much beholden to the Swamiji for rescuing our samiti when it was in deep financial crisis by persuading the Revered Dr. D. Veernadra Heggade our Chairman to take over the management of the samiti since 1973. The pious swamiji has never swerved from the path of righteousness. Karma and Dharma. May this graet seer who stands apart as a polestar, guide arid lead our nation of milling massas to prosperity for years to come.